Ski Lift

Case History

Emergency support from our Service Team for the chair lift at the Madonna di Campiglio ski resort. The emergency call was due to failure of the hydraulic pump on the back-up circuit.

Our staff carried out the work on site, installing a Linde Hydraulics HPV-02 165 pump to replace the old, unrepairable unit. The original layout required adaptation in order to allow reuse of the original transmission system and ducting the air to the two heat exchangers.

A very important step was checking that the fluid inside the tank was sufficiently clean in order to avoid further damage and contamination.

The new pump was installed on the original mount using a dedicated centring ring supplied by us. A joystick was also added to the system’s control cabin, managed by a solenoid valve, for enablement and discharging of the signals.

The recommissioning and functional tests on the system went without a hitch – mission accomplished!