Travel Lift

Case History

The customer, an Italian multinational specialised in the production of lifting equipment for the naval and industrial sector, contacted GB ServiceLab for work requested by an Egyptian customer at the port of Alexandria.

The problem occurred following use of the existing pumping unit outside of its permitted operating parameters. To solve the problem, individual Linde Hydraulics Tandem units were installed on the machine, with this technically advanced solution now meeting the machine performance requirements.

Highlighted commercial and technological advantages
    • More compact unit. With the new Linde Hydraulics solution, the pumps are installed directly on the diesel engine, eliminating the coupling
    • Almost perfect compatibility of the new, technologically advanced, pumping units with the existing system

. This not only makes the system more efficient, but offers significant cost savings;

  • The new system significantly reduces the fluid temperature
  • The pumps now fully meet the required performance
  • Cost savings

“Prevention is the first step towards the success of our internal process. GB ServiceLab, in agreement with the customer, is specially focused on proper maintenance”