Service Center

We overhaul oil hydraulic components and mechanical transmissions from multiple brands using original replacement parts. We carry out problem resolution and revamping of oil hydraulic systems in the mobile machinery and industrial sectors.We offer annual contracts for commissioning and regular maintenance of machinery.

We are certified and authorised service centres for Linde Hydraulics, Dana Brevini Motion System (electronic, oil hydraulic and mechanical transmissions product ranges), Bondioli & Pavesi and a VM Motori – Gruppo FCA authorised reseller.

Technical Consultancy

We develop customised solutions to solve problems involving obsolete systems through technological advancement, extending systems’ lives, efficiency and safety for operatives. Thanks to the network of companies with which we work, we also have access to a wide range of product solutions.

We analyse the customers’ needs and requirements with custom designs, analysing the feasibility and carrying out calculations which take all aspects into account: current condition, timeframes and costs. Starting out from the hydraulic diagrams, we develop custom solutions until we arrive at the design to be presented to the customer

System Integration

We design and produce integrated mechatronic systems for different sectors of application. Our work starts out with the design, and goes right up to the prototyping and installation.

We act as a sole supplier, offering custom solutions thanks to our access to a network of specialised partners. Thanks to our motion control system, we are able to control all mechanical, electronic and HMI aspects.

An effective systems integration project allows companies to make the most of technological investments in applications and platforms in order to be stronger in the market in terms of digital touchpoints, and as a consequence process control. This is the prerequisite for reducing the time to market, in other words serving customers in a more reactive and flexible manner.

Predictive Maintenance

Prevention is the first step towards the success of a good project. We are especially focused on the steps of proper system maintenance, with the advantages provided by this solution being: Planned machine stoppages, Reduction in unexpected faults, Greater system efficiency, Extended life cycle, Cost savings.

We are developing a project in partnership with the DISMI department of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia for the implementation of an integrated predictive maintenance service on mobile equipment.

It is the last and fundamental step of the GB method.

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund


The GB method

GB provides customers with customised solutions. Our company is organized around a fluid METHOD that touches every department in a flexible way.

When we receive the order, we analyse the problem encountered and propose a solution, providing the timeframe and cost. After design, we move on to project implementation and installation, before a final testing phase.

Prevention is the first step towards a successful process.

This is why GB ServiceLab is especially focused on proper MAINTENANCE.


Receipt of the order and analysis of the problem encountered. Proposal of a solution, providing the timeframe and cost.


Guaranteed turnkey solutions for customers

Project Implementation

Team specialised in custom implementation projects in accordance with customer technical and stylistic requirements


Once the project takes life, it can be evaluated to determine whether there is space for improvement or if changes are needed


Testing is carried out by hydraulic system specialists who offer complete custom solutions


Functionality and maximum efficiency of the project through maintenance which extends the machinery's lifecycle
Application Sectors